Postural Alignment Services

The Figure Method is focused on helping clients’ achieve ideal postural alignment and now offers services which complement this goal. Try any our Postural Alignment Services and take your Figure Method class to the next level!

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    Meet Meike

    Meike is a Level 1 Myodetox Therapist, Mensendieck Therapist, licensed Massage therapist (LMT) and Personal Trainer (CPT). She graduated from the College of Movement Therapy in Amsterdam with a BA in Mensendieck therapy and recently completed highly selective Level 1 Myodetox Training with its founder, Vinh Pham in Toronto. A former ballet dancer and lifelong athlete herself, Meike is highly motivated to help her clients enjoy their life, work and sports to their fullest physical potential.

    Go Figure Is Proud to be the Only Provider of Myodetox Manual Therapy in CT!

    The Myodetox system is highly effective in relieving and preventing complaints that are the result of an incorrect posture and pattern of movement in sports and / or in daily life. Myodetox uses movement and manual techniques to make quick, effective, and lasting improvements.

    Introductory Session (60 minutes)……………………………..$90

    Myodetox starts with an assessment called The BodyScan. Your body and posture will be assessed and analyzed, and areas of dysfunction will be identified.

    Myodetox sessions (60 minutes)……………………….$135

    Myodetox Therapy sessions are hands-on treatments that strategically address areas of dysfunction and pain. Meike will release tension and restore balance to the fascia structure and other soft tissues using manual therapy. As you progress through treatments, you will unlock old patterns and improve posture and function.

    5 Sessions (recommended)………………………………..$550

    Mensendieck therapy is a highly effective form of therapy aimed at relieving and preventing complaints that are the result of an incorrect posture and pattern of movement, in sports and/or in daily life. It has widespread use in Europe. This is more traditional massage therapy, with an emphasis on postural patterns.  

    Single Massage Therapy Session (Alignment-based)………$125

    5 Sessions………………..$575

    10 Sessions………………$1,050



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    Meet Cynthia

    Description of Services:

    Postural Alignment:

    Do you have physical pain symptoms? If so, your body is most likely trying to signal to you that something is off in your alignment. When the body is out of alignment, it leads to unusual wear and tear on the body resulting in pain and limitations. Postural Alignment helps you to return to activities you love, increase energy levels and improve quality of life.

    Initial Assessment: $125.00

    The initial assessment will be approximately 60 minutes. At this appointment, you will:

    • Discuss current symptoms and past experiences that have influenced these symptoms
    • Photos – to establish a base line to compare future progress
    • Postural Analysis to identify compensation and dysfunction linked to your pain symptoms
    • Functional testing and gait analysis

    Initial Program Session: $125.00 (Initial assessment is a pre-requisite)

    The initial program session will be approximately 60 minutes. At this appointment, you will receive:

    • Postural Alignment Program – gentle exercises to realign your body based on your assessment
    • A copy of your program with pictures and descriptions and videos sent to your inbox

    Follow up visit: $125.00 or 5 pack $575.00

    As you go through the process, your body will change. For best results, you will need to revise your program to continue improving your posture. These visits will include all of the information listed above.

    Skype Option: All of the services listed above can be done through Skype at the same rates listed above