Ballet-Inspired Fitness

Figure Method Barre class will dramatically redefine your entire body.

It Works.

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    The Figure Method®

    The Figure Method® barre class incorporates the best of Pilates, Yoga, orthopedic exercises and classical ballet technique. It is incredibly effective in toning, strengthening and conditioning the entire body. Muscle groups are shaped and strengthened through slow, sustained, precise movements followed by intense stretching to avoid building bulk.

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    Focused on Form

    The Figure Method® barre class is focused on precise movement and deep muscle engagement rather than a quickened pace. We place a strong emphasis on classical ballet technique and have a heightened awareness of postural alignment. We work closely with alignment specialists and physical therapists in our continuing education initiative to be able to deliver hands on and verbal corrections to our clients.

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    Safe, Effective, and Challenging

    Our classes are open to any fitness level. Figure Method instructors pride themselves on being able to provide modifications and adjustments to all clients. Many of our instructors have been teaching barre-based fitness for over a decade; we continue to grow their knowledge base of barre fitness and postural alignment to deliver a class that is safe, effective, and challenging.

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    Experience The Difference

    The cornerstone of a Figure Method class is in sustaining positions—your muscles have to generate a lot of force to hold your body in this way—and the result is a deep muscle engagement that gets to the heart of the matter rather quickly. We value the lengthening phase as much as the contraction work, providing a balance of intensity and release that is nothing short of addicting. This works.

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    Continuing Education Initiative

    Figure Method instructors meet every 2-3 months to review choreography and discuss the associated anatomy, adjustments and modifications. Experts in the fields of classical ballet technique, injury prevention, physical therapy and biomechanics are routinely brought in to consult on Figure Method practices and address the instructional staff. In addition, our Creative Director, Monica Gray, and Continuing Education Director, Jane Mossa, schedule individual meetings and workshops for more in-depth learning opportunities.