Few exercises have the ability to sculpt a woman’s body the way that barre can. Go Figure is a first generation barre studio that provides boutique instruction in The Figure Method®. Our class is an intimate, hands-on experience set in a supportive and encouraging environment. We help our clients improve posture and flexibility, energize their lives and achieve ageless, beautiful bodies.

The Figure Method®

The Figure Method barre class incorporates the best of Pilates, Yoga, orthopedic exercises and classical ballet technique. It is incredibly effective in toning, strengthening and conditioning the entire body. Muscle groups are shaped and strengthened through slow, sustained, precise movements followed by intense stretching to avoid building bulk.



Safe & Dramatically Effective

Clients work on a padded floor and with a ballet barre, using their own body for resistance (there is no heavy lifting or use of machines). Light hand weights are used to sculpt and tone the arms, back and shoulders. Exercises are non-impact, gentle on joints and produce dramatic results.

Supportive & Fun

Individuals work at their own pace to dramatically re-shape their body in a safe, yet challenging environment. Classes are choreographed to music to be fluid and fun. Instructors provide constant guidance, encouragement and support. Our goal is to provide a consistently safe and dramatically effective workout, regardless of location.



Established & Growing

Over the past fourteen years, Go Figure has grown from one location in Greenwich, Connecticut to nine studios, across the country. Go Figure studios are located in Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Rye, Armonk, and Palm Beach and licensed studios in Carmel, Nantucket, and Scottsdale.